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Barterofgoods.com is a leading platform, where one can barter or exchange any of their unwanted and excess goods with necessary in needful goods from another similar person in their nearby locality. Not only goods, services can also be bartered at this platform. Mr. Prakash has developed a proper team for efficient and timely management of the business. Several other trade and social organization such as dipangan.com, Chaurasia welfare society, HTSM and many more are also owned and managed by Mr.Prakash.


Transparency is the most important word for us in terms of business. We believe in providing detailed description of all terms and conditions to our users, to avoid any misunderstanding. Secondly, we provide utmost privacy of customer data and information, helping customers build trust on us.

Barterofggoods.com focusses to make life easier for our customer by helping easy management of unwanted goods present as junk in their home. It creates a win-win situation where not only the unwanted would get discarded, but also will fetch the necessary utilities. Our mission is to make this platform user friendly. We aim to do so by not only building trust andconfidentiality, but also by providing personal attention to all needs of customers.


Barterofgoods.com offers you to put up ads for bartering the goods you no longer need, completely for free. It allows you to exchange any goods, be it books, computers, furniture, electronics or anything. Barterofgoods.com is the first site of its kind in India. Free submission of ads by customers are accepted after registration at barterofgoods.com.


CUSTOMERCARE barterofgoods.com or Call us at +91 9051785528

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