Safety Tips

Fraudulent incidents will always come unnoticed. So, it must always be kept on mind that prevention is better than cure.

How to sell safely online?

  • Always meet the buyer or seller at a public place.
  • Unbox the product in front of delivery personnel or make an unboxing video always.
  • Look out for authentic sellers.
  • Ask for VIN, warranty cards and other necessary papers while dealing with electronics goods.
  • Provide as many details of your goods as possible.
  • List only those features in your ad that your particular product meets, to avoid any misunderstanding with the buyer.
  • Clearly mention return or replacement policy.
  • Do not mention any banking related details like pin, account no. Etc

How to take care of the safety of your account

  • Keep your account details to yourself. Do not share them with anyone.
  • Follow the instructions provided while setting up your password (6-8character alpha-numeric password)
  • Keep your cookies on. In case you notice of any unusual activity in your account, change your password immediately.
  • Always use virtual keyboard while inputting any account related data

What should you do if you suspect someone to be fraudulent buyer or seller?

  • In case if you suspect anyone acting fraudulently, visit the “contact us” option of the site at the soonest and file a complaint. Our customer service representative will look into the matter immediately.
  • We also request you to notify the Police (cyber-crime or local station) immediately in case you have been a victim of fraud.

How to take special care?

  • Be careful if the price of the product is clearly undervalued.
  • Be careful when you are entering into a transaction with the user whose account was found recently on the barterofgoods site or when it is written in a way that seems like a template or automatically translated.
  • In the case of ads from "Free" category do not transfer money before shipment.

What should I do if I suspect someone to be fraudulent buyer or seller?

  • Please contact the Legal Issues department of the site, if you suspect someone to be acting fraudulently on barterofgoods.
  • We also urge you to notify the Police immediately if you have been a victim of fraud.
  • You must also report fraudulent activity that occurs on your card or bank account to be eligible for their fraud liability protection.
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